Building & Construction

There has been much talk in the building and construction industry about upcoming changes which the Government see as streamlining processes and making funds more accessible to subcontractors in a bid to keep money flowing and works progressing.  These proposals have come about partly due to the collapse of several large building companies in the[…]

Property & Commercial News

Put and Call Options – Have you strictly complied with the terms of your agreement? In JFL Corporation P/L v Matos, the Court of Appeal overturned the decision of the Supreme Court and held that a seller of property invalidly exercised the put option by delivering copies of the tenth edition of the REIQ/Queensland Law Society Houses[…]

Amendments to the Succession Act 1981

The world is becoming more complex and as a result, the nuclear model of the traditional Australian family no longer applies today. In keeping with the times, protecting your interest and those of your family, there are unique challenges in wills and estate planning. Nobody wants to think about the possibility of the death of[…]