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Do you have a Will or Enduing Power of Attorney?

Call us for a no-obligation consultation.

Have difficulty solving a dispute?

Our Dispute Resolution & Litigation team are here to assist you with basic to complex disputes including debt collection.

Safe Custody

We provide a complimentary service to store your most precious documents.

Notary Public

We provide a hassle free service to certify and witness documents, administer oaths and affidavits. 

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Crouch & Lyndon

Edward Robert Crouch established the fledgling legal practice in what was to become the city of Brisbane in 1894, the year after the Great Flood of 1893 had devastated so many parts of the Rivercity.

The practice quickly established a well-acknowledged reputation for legal reliability, integrity and the highest quality advice and professionalism – core values the practice has resolutely adhered to through to the present day. Crouch & Lyndon (formerly Crouch & Crouch) became a pillar of the legal establishment assuming an active and forthright role in the growth and promotion of the Queensland Law Society. The founder’s son, Peter Crouch, took up a key and critical role in the Society by proudly serving as its President.

Throughout its long and distinguished history, Crouch & Lyndon has had the pleasure of serving a long list of clients that reads like the Who’s Who of Brisbane’s corporate and business world. Over many years the firm’s skilled and talented legal practitioners have developed a pool of local knowledge and experience which serves to assist clients to achieve efficient and cost effective results.

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Crouch & Lyndon

Commercial litigation has the potential to make or break your business, whether you’re the defendant or plaintiff. Don’t take a risk by working with anything less than the best commercial lawyers in Brisbane City. Contact Crouch & Lyndon for confidential and trustworthy advice and representation. We’ll come alongside your business and guide you through what is often a confusing and complicated process. Our team is experienced in dealing with litigation of this nature and we have a reputation for getting favourable outcomes for clients, no matter how minor or major the case in question is. Contact Crouch & Lyndon today.


The world of Australian commercial litigation is complex and changes every day. If you’re in need of commercial litigation lawyers to assist your business then contact Crouch & Lyndon for assistance. Over the years we’ve developed a reputation for hiring the best litigation lawyers in Brisbane’s CBD. This means that when you approach us for legal representation you are working with a highly qualified and passionate team that is invested in the best possible outcome for your business. We pride ourselves on our confidential and trustworthy approach to law, and invite you to contact us to experience it for yourself.


The Australian property industry continues to grow as demand increases. Make sure you have the best property lawyers in Brisbane City at your side so all your commercial, industrial and retail property development matters go off without a hitch. At Crouch & Lyndon, we assist landlords and tenants with matters relating to agreements, easements and caveats. We also offer property litigation services on matters involving disputes and breaches and offer the services of our commercial litigation lawyers should you require it. Ensure that all your property related transactions go off without a hitch by picking our team to assist you.


Does your business need easily to access, quick and convenient notarisation services in Brisbane? Then look no further than Crouch & Lyndon. We have several notary publics on staff who are ready and waiting to assist you in any manner possible. We can assist you with attesting, exemplifying and certifying documents and document copies for local and international use. We also administer oaths and witness signatures and can prepare power of attorney will, deeds and contract documents. Being centrally located we are easily accessible and offer you convenience. Contact Crouch & Lyndon today for assistance with the above related matters.

Thinking about what happens when we die or can no longer make decisions for ourselves is something that we must consider, long before the worst-case scenario becomes a reality. This becomes especially crucial when you have large and complex assets such as a business or majority partnership to your name. Don’t waste another second before making sure your will and estates are organised. Contact Crouch & Lyndon for proactive and common-sense advice for how to manage this. Conveniently located in Brisbane, we invite you to make an appointment with us today to find out more about what your options are.